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Welcome to kandykidz

Hi, & welcome to kandykidz. I'm one of your mods, Jellybean / seashellz. All the posts to this community are automatically friends-locked. To see the entries, please join in our user info!!!

Post pictures of kandy! Includes you in your kandy.
Tuturials are more than welcome. Share the skillz.
Feel free to trade via snail mail. kandykidz is not responsible though.
Stay on topic. All posts must be related to kandy in some way.
Please be nice and respectful. No bashing or rude remarks will be tolerated.
If you are posting multiple and/or large images, please use a LJ Cut.
Refrain from selling kandy and other items in this journal.
No posting flyers to upcoming events.

Feel free to use this as your first post, disable richtext, plz:

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