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kandy kid - (noun) - a plurtarded raver who is usually dressed in bright colors and beads.

Welcome to kandykidz. The newest hang-out on LJ for all of your kandy needs.
Kandy, Kandi, Candy, Kandii, Candi.. whatever you want to call it!

Post pictures of kandy! Includes you in your kandy.
Tuturials are more than welcome. Share the skillz.
Feel free to trade via snail mail. kandykidz is not responsible though.
Stay on topic. All posts must be related to kandy in some way.
Please be nice and respectful. No bashing or rude remarks will be tolerated.
If you are posting multiple and/or large images, please use a LJ Cut.
Refrain from selling kandy and other items in this journal.
No posting flyers to upcoming events. Please use our sister community; raveready.

Kandy ravers are mostly known for their bright colors and cartoon-y fashions. They are a total blast from the past, and love every minute of it. They are often found wearing shirts with chartoon characters, neon or black light reactive gear, phat pants & an insane amount of beaded jewelery and accessories... known as kandy! Kandy is given away or traded as an act of friendship.

kaiumi showing mad-luv for kandykidz!

Put our banner in your profile and spread the word!
kandykidz kandykidz kandykidz

This community was created by seashellz & trixandtrips after noticing the severe decline of active kandy communities. Feel free to post pictures of kandy you've made or recieved. Don't be afraid to ask to trade with other kandi kids :) Just because you don't live by each other doesn't mean you can't share the PLUR. We've gotten some amazing pieces from kandi kids all around the globe!